External Assessment Summer School is committed to alternative practices that bypass the parameters of a discipline, questioning the divide between art and design cultivated by systems of professional education. Through a range of lectures and workshops on network theories, histories of typography, feminist poetics to parasitic pragmatism, External Assessment Summer School brings together a range of designers, artists and thinkers to question the structural politics of the respective worlds of art and design from the outside in.

Below is the 2018 archive of the summer school. We will be updating the website in 2019 closer to the launch date.

Vanessa Ban

Vanessa Ban is a graphic designer, artist and educator based in Singapore. Her practice focuses on the cross-fields of contemporary art and graphic design, and notable shows include both solo and group shows at the Southeast Asian Forum at Art Stage Singapore 2017, Singapore Writers’ Festival, Grey Projects and the London Design Festival. She is currently an associate faculty with the Glasgow School of Art Singapore, and LASALLE College of the Arts.

Kathleen Ditzig

Kathleen Ditzig is a researcher, critic and curator based in Singapore, where she is pursuing her PhD at NTU. Her art historical research addresses the relationship of Cold War globalism and the emergence of Southeast Asia as a cultural region. She received a scholarship from NHB and a Curatorial Fellowship from the Centre of Curatorial Studies (CCS) to pursue her MA in Curatorial Studies from CCS, Bard College, which she received in 2015. She was also a regents scholar at UCLA, when she pursued her BA in Art History and Asian Humanities. She has published in academic journals such as Southeast of Now and Finance and Society and in art magazines such as Art Forum, Flash Art and artagenda. She has participated in exhibitions such as the 9th Berlin Biennale and co-curated international exhibitions for institutions such as the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.

Sean Kelvin Khoo

Prior to joining Temasek Polytechnic School of Design as a lecturer, Sean was co-founder of Pupilpeople Design Pte ltd (Pp.), where he was also involved in related fields such as starting a Risograph press and a workshop and self-publishing platform.

His interests in typography and design education has led to features in Tokyo Type Directors’ Club Annuals, Typojanchi — International Typography Biennale, and Taking a Line for a Walk — Assignments in Design Educahtion, amongst others.


gideon-jamie is a two-people studio involved in design, research, and teaching as interdependent modes of engagement with topics of interest and need. They navigate the margins of design practice by utilising alternative modes of production, communication, and distribution to find critical responses to issues in design, culture, and education. Established in 2017 by Gideon Kong and Jamie Yeo, they currently do self-initiated work that involves making prototypes, designing and producing printed matter, writing and conducting workshops in the arts.

Darryl Lim

Darryl Lim is a Singaporean PhD candidate at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading. His research investigates the history of the printed book, and examines book production, with a focus on printing technologies: lithography, and typography. Titled Networks, artefacts, and technology: nineteenth-century Muslim lithographers, missionaries, and colonialism in the Malay Archipelago, his thesis examines lithography, and its use and adoption by both indigenous and expatriate communities during a period of intense social, cultural, and technological change.

Wong Bing Hao

Wong Bing Hao (b. 1991, Singapore) is a writer and curator. Through research publications, texts, public programs, and exhibitions, they articulate ideas around bodies, performance, identity, and representation. In particular, they research transnational feminist, queer, and transgender realities and theories in art. They have recently held research positions at the National Gallery Singapore and National Arts Council. They received a BA in Art History from University College London, and are currently an MA candidate in Southeast Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore, where they research and write about the confluences between gender and the occult.

Kenneth Tay

Kenneth Tay writes and researches on the intersections between media histories and the urban environment, particularly in the context of Singapore. Previously he worked as Assistant Curator at NUS Museum where he initiated the project CONCRETE ISLAND (2016). He is currently based in New York, pursuing his MA in Media Studies at The New School.

Anca Rujoiu

Anca Rujoiu is a curator based in Singapore. She was part of the founding team of NTU Centre for Contemporary Arts Singapore (NTU CCA), where she held the roles of publication manager and exhibition curator. As a writer and editor, she has worked on several art publications including Place.Labour.Capital. (2018); Becoming Palm (2017); Tomás Saraceno: Arachnid Orchestra. Jam Sessions (2017); and Theatrical Fields: Critical Strategies in Performance, Film, and Video (2016).

Through a range of lectures and workshops on the histories of typography, feminist poetics to parasitic pragmatism, External Assessment Summer School brings together a range of designers, artists, curators and thinkers to question the structural politics of the respective worlds of art and design from the outside in.

The next official open call will take place beginning of Q2, 2019, along with the announcement of the updated course fees. If you are working full time or travelling into Singapore; for your own scheduling purposes please note that External Assessment Summer School is a full 5 day programme.

Interested applicants should email us with their CV and portfolio and/or work samples, whichever you deem applicable for your practice. We encourage undergraduates and young professionals in various creative fields (design, art, writing, curation, photography etc.) to apply. The 2019 edition will be held at DECK Singapore, 15—19 July 2019.

23—27 July 2018
Goodman Arts Centre

Vanessa Ban, Kathleen Ditzig, Sean Kelvin Khoo, gideon-jamie, Darryl Lim, Anca Rujoiu, Kenneth Tay, Binghao Wong

Kia Yee Ang, Raissa Ali, Radhiah Anis, Justin Chua, Catherine Kusuma, Thaila Lam, Leonardo Laurensius, Adelia Lim, Clara Lim, Jael Ng, Kevin Ng, Sara Ng, Ow Ting Quan, Kyle Ngo, Sha Yee Jin, Ramona Raj, Bernice Sim, Berny Tan, Jenson Tan, Daryl Bradley Tan, Nadia Wagner, Johann Yamin, Rakeeza Sheren

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